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Influencer Marketing in 3 Minutes or Less.

Influencer Marketing is a rapidly expanding promotional strategy where brands will partner with digital content creators, a.k.a. social media famous people, in order to further brand awareness and ultimately increase their ROI. Basically, brands reach out to social media famous people to tell their followers that the brand’s product or service is good, convincing that […]

Confidence v. Insecurity: Signs Recognized and Studied in Ch. 3 of “You Can Read Anyone”

Exuding confidence and having self esteem are two bullets on the opposite sides of a very complex spectrum. In chapter 3 of the best selling book “You Can Read Anyone” the author, David Lieberman, dives into the several indications of how one can tell if a person is secure in a given situation, possesses a […]

What do I do?

Whenever people ask me what I do, I typically say something like “I do half PR and half marketing for an advertising agency in downtown Houston.” That response will spark the interest of the person that asks to want to know more. What companies do I work with, Whats the name of the agency or […]

2018-Tri 1

It’s been a minute since I put tender love and care into my webite. I think that’s because Ive been putting that energy into other things, especially this year. Since graduating, I’ve had three jobs, (one I just recently left) in order to get closer and closer to my career goals. My mind has been […]