My name is QuiaTian. (kee-yuh tee-ahn)

Welcome! I am a recent college graduate with a B.A. In Communications and a minor in Human Development and Consumer Sciences. Here you will find information about the digital pr studio that I am developing, as well as my blog, Crown & Quality. ❤

quiatian.co is my portfolio.

I created Crown & Quality because I wanted to be a representative of what it means to be confident, a good leader and motivator and an inspirer. With technology having a whirlwind on us all, I wanted this blog to be a reminder that it is ok to embrace authenticity and originality. Here I will be talking about my thoughts/ opinions on certain topics, tips, favorites, music and much more. Coming from a college student in Houston, trying to make it in the PR world, I am just a regular girl with a regular blog and a big dream. I want to help bring back those creative spirits we all know and love.

 Wear your crown gracefully, and embrace quality over quantity.