Influencer Marketing in 3 Minutes or Less.

Influencer Marketing is a rapidly expanding promotional strategy where brands will partner with digital content creators, a.k.a. social media famous people, in order to further brand awareness and ultimately increase their ROI. Basically, brands reach out to social media famous people to tell their followers that the brand’s product or service is good, convincing that person’s audience to purchase said product or service.


Remember when people use to go out to the store, purchase a product and do a product review for the free? Now we have people getting PAID. Creators are sent free products to try out and share their experience using that product with their followers. But as mentioned before, this new marketing model can also come in form of a service. Creators can partner with transportation companies, tutoring, delivery services and more and speak on behalf of their personal experience with that brand’s offering.


Depending on brand budget, a brand will negotiate a collaboration where they will send the creator product to sample either free of cost, or they will compensate them. If the brand simply sends the product to the creator without payment, The creator is able to freely talk about the product on their online platform along with other products, competing or otherwise. You will notice this when watching a PR unboxing via YouTube.  HOWEVER, as brand integration increases, influencers are receiving payment for these collaborations and will speak highly about the brand and depending on the negotiation, the influencer may or may not talk about competing brands. Now, this is nothing new, we know sponsored content when we see it, but sometimes you just have to say it louder for the people in the back. Content Creators are a MARKET. Brands are spending less money on traditional advertising and less time putting in gorilla marketing efforts and are reaching larger audiences due to audience trust.


People are more likely to purchase a product recommended by someone they trust than a celebrity who supports it in a TV commercial…but also, who watches TV anymore? I digress.


If you ever wonder why people are quitting their jobs and pursuing YouTube/ blogging full time, it’s because of this strategic marketing model where brand deals are allowing you to make more money with one Instagram post than your average salary.


❤ Quia Tian


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