I’m Going Pescatarian!

For a month.

Last week my sister and I decided that in the month of August, we were going to eat on a pescatarian diet. A pescatarian is a person who avoids all meats with the exception of seafood. The decision to be pescatarian was due to many things but the number one reason being the challenge. We are practicing self discipline and what better way to do so than to control what we put in our bodies? As someone who absolutely loves bacon and wingstop, the idea of being a pescatarian is a bit scary, but the idea that you are putting another animal’s energy into your body, taking from the earth instead of giving to it and slowly hurting your body and adding to the generational curses of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure is even scarier.

You may be thinking, ‘If that’s the case, why not be vegan?’ and there’s only one answer to that. Baby steps.

Our plan isnt to consume as much shrimp as possible in one month. For the most part, we will be eating vegetarian, but in the event that there is fish, or we need an extra boost of protein we are allowing ourselves to eat it.

Today is day 3 and I’ve been doing well, despite the fact that I accidently bought a turkey stick from Smoothie King — which I had to exchange after realizing I wasn’t eating  turkey this month — so I decided to get some veggie chips instead. I know its going to be hard but hopefully I save some money out of all this since Chick-fil-a will no longer be an option for me.

The sharp pains in my stomach that I would get during the day are gone and I cant help but think that my eating habits have something to do with it.


Wish me positivity on this journey.

– QuiaTian ❤


  1. Great decision and I hope you keep it going after August. I started off that was as well six months ago then a few months after I cut out all meat from my diet and haven’t looked back. You definitely will see and feel the change(s) it does for you in every way you can imagine. Since then I’ve also stopped eating eggs and drinking milk(which I never really drank much of). I’m not vegan, maybe one day. Anyway great decision and best of luck Quia!


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