2018-Tri 1

It’s been a minute since I put tender love and care into my webite. I think that’s because Ive been putting that energy into other things, especially this year.

Since graduating, I’ve had three jobs, (one I just recently left) in order to get closer and closer to my career goals. My mind has been more profession-centric which has caused me to put away things that one would view as a hobby. Recently, Ive been going to work, going out to eat (mostly by myself) and binge watching netflix shows. I would put off hanging out with friends because I began to desire the good food-good show combo. At first I would appreciate the relaxtion and entertainment that came with this new found “craving” but Im now realizing that it has taken priority. I’m not living the life that I want, I’m escaping the one that I have by ignoring my problems and entering the worlds of other people. I remember savoring those moments because I didnt get them often and now, I find myself doing the same thing after work. It’s no longer a treat.

On the other hand though, I got the opportunity to intern at a large public relations agency in Houston as well as work for a professional sports team. Im currently reading Devon Franklin’s book, Hollywood Commandments, and he said something that really stood out to me “We put minimum effort and expect maximum return.” We’ve heard this quote stated in many different ways but that reminder could not have come at a better time. God has blessed me with these two opportunities to truly hone my skills but it’s what I do outside of work that really makes the difference. I want to unveil my skills to the world but wanting and doing are completely different things. Observing these talented, prolific influencers on and offline insights a fuel for growth in me and it reminds me of why I went into the pr industry in the first place. You can’t go into the field unprepared. You have to put all of your passion, efforts, hopes, willpower and energy into it. IMG_9163IMG_9163

If I want to be a PR professional within any industry, I have to refine my writing, my public speaking, reading, detail orientation and organization. That’s something that needs to be observed and refreshed every day. There’s no point in entering a career if you haven’t put any effort into it. You will fail everytime.



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