My Cruise Experience!

As a graduation gift, my mom surprised me with a week-long carnival cruise to the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos and The Bahamas. (Dec. 16th-23rd)

I literally walked across the stage, went lunch and as I was opening gifts there was a cruise ticket and she basically told me to pack my bags because in two days we were going to be in Port Canaveral. Woah.

I felt so unprepared but excited at the same time. My passport was expired and it was all going so fast. (luckily Carnival accepts birth certificates)

Without further ado though, here was my carnival cruise experience!



My mom and I went to every comedy show, twerking contest, lip-synching concert and more! We had the best cruise director, Good Rev. Dr. E to make the experience a lot of fun. We ate sooo much food and every night for dinner there was a new menu of meals  that we could try. If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things to do is to go out to eat, so this was basically my own little heaven.

Amber Cove & Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic ❤



The Dominican Republic was our first stop and definitely my favorite. It was so beautiful and my mom and I were able to get a tour of Puerto Plata and of course, do some shopping.

The one thing I would say I didn’t like is that at every stop of the tour, there were people there trying to sell something. Literally. EVERY. SINGLE. STOP.  Despite that, I really enjoyed myself.

Turks and Caicos ❤

The Grand Turk Island was probably the most informative. This small island was literally 7 miles long so we were able to get a tour of the entire thing. There are literally 50,000 people that live on the island and a total of 80 people were imprisoned. 80….

What I thought was most crazy was that a simple gallon of milk there costed TEN DOLLARS. Our tour guide literally told us that he sips milk like fine wine….I WOULD TOO.

They also take pride in their 300+ donkeys that roam freely throughout the island.

The waters were so blue here. The island was so small simple but it was the perfect place to escape the craziness of the city life.


Nassau, The Bahamas ❤


Most of our time was spent trying to finesse the employees in Atlantis. That sounds really bad, but I promise my mom did all the work. Atlantis is a very popular hotel in The Bahamas. Michael Jackson stayed in this special suite paying $10,000 per night. Since then they increased it to $25,000. The hotel has the perfect view of the islands, an indoor and outdoor aquarium with sharks, stingrays and all kinds of other fish and direct access to the beach. We were able to walk around most of the hotel but spent a lot of the time trying to find our way out without getting caught. 🙂

Nassau, The Bahamas was also where we went parasailing! It was so much fun to ride in the boat and watch the others as they seemingly lifted off into the sky. But when it was time for my mom and I to go, I didn’t feel like we were 500 feet in the air. It was so calm and relaxing and the clear blue waters allowed us to see what looked like the ocean floor.

I love this traveling thing. Definitely gotta do more of it.



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