Founder’s Note:

In preparation for 2018, I wanted to completely rebrand my site.

As you may have noticed, I have turned my site into a personal portfolio in which I am now branding my name and using Crown & Quality as a blog; an extension of my brand.

I have been thinking about how to maximize off of my name and these ideas couldn’t have come at a better time. 2017 has been tough for me and I’m sure a lot of us, so I wanted to start something new entering the new year!

Hello 2018 ❤

Throughout the next few months there will be more changes as I think of them, but instead of disabling the site, I want to take you all with me on my journey.

2018 is the year of channeling my growth. I am a recent college graduate and I am searching aimlessly for a job but in the meantime, my focus is on my portfolio. After all, whats a PR person who can’t market and promote her/himself?




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