Where is the Disconnect?: A study on situation-ships. (Intro)

Situation-ship. (n) an unofficial relationship due to various lacks such as a title, commitment, “it’s complicated” and other confusions in question, but still seems, acts and feels like a relationship (or maybe not).

We went to the frat party and I saw him with another girl. I didn’t know whether to say anything because of our indescribable situation-ship. 

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a very a long time. I just didn’t know how to go about it. As a woman, college student, millennial and a supposed “feminist” I often wondered why I allowed for certain relationships in my life to occur. Why I belittled and disrespected myself because of temporary emotions and the fear of losing someone who didn’t mean much anyway. Too harsh? Well that is the purpose of this series. Women should not feel the need to appease a man that does not belong to them. & I feel that often times, we do this. Also, men and women should be allowed to exercise their freedom without the weight of a person who they are not committed to.

Two things about me.

1. I love the idea of love.

2. I tend to mentally detach myself when I lose interest but stay around anyway because I am afraid of leaving things off on a bad note. (heavy stuff, I know)

But even then, I can relate to so many of the relationships and situation-ships that have occurred in this day. & That is because I have been able to relate with both the girl AND the guy.

The purpose of this series is to understand what is stopping men and women in situation-ships from taking that next step. Why so many people are missing the mark on the dart board of love. I also want to take in account that this series, while surrounding the bias of heterosexual relationships can also relate to others.

Part 1 will include a series of perspectives based on interviews, with the same set of questions being asked to each person. I believe that these questions will challenge both men and women and allow them to think about why they stay or why they leave & why they can’t move forward.

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  1. .FEAR

    ppl are afraid to drown in their own fear of a failed love.

    Or ppl feel themselves to be naïve so they force themselves into disbelief of the situationship being genuine.

    It’s honestly just a shit show until you allow yourself to be vulnerable and just take a chance on someone with high potential

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