N.Y.A.G. Network: Interview with Keyana Pratt




Not Your Average Girl| Guy is a platform that gives entertainment moguls an opportunity to talk about their work, passions and inspirations. Started by University of Houston soon-to-be graduate, Keyana Pratt, NYAG was inspired to promote individuality and authenticity. From interviews, events and promotion, there is so much to see and learn as you virtually walk into The Network.

I was able to interview Keyana and talk about her start and reasoning behind NYAG. She has created a platform for people with aspirations that lie in entertainment, fashion, photography and more.

My First Impressions:

When I first saw that Keyana was launching her site I was super excited to see what she was going to share with the world. I was even more excited to see that it was tailored more to the entertainment industry. NYAG is the perfect name to reach the average millennial. It’s a place where people are able to speak on their journeys as well as give others a place to read and listen to the stories of people before them.

Keyana has done interviews with several up-and-coming make up artists, photographers, radio personalities, and is looking to see where NYAG will take her. From the Essence festival to being a junior publicist at a fashion show, she has a writing style that really engages the reader and it allows us to connect with her as if we were actually there.  She is creating a brand for herself and it’s already making a difference. She shares tips on how to network, interviews her guests with class and showcases her own ventures in the entertainment scene.  Her passion for uplifting others and sharing their stories and her own makes her perfect for a CQ feature.



Ok, so let’s get started with the interview…

What inspired you to start NYAG Network?I hear so many stories of people who are simply existing and not living. People who wish they had followed their dreams but never had the opportunity or courage to follow. I am inspired by many people surrounding me, so I made this platform to showcase and applaud those that are taking chances and following their dreams and hopefully to inspire others.
N.Y.A.G. tells a story of remaining true to who you are and following your dreams. In a society filled with a standard way of living it is so easy to fall under that category of being average. N.Y.A.G. is for those that live above the standard and fight to stand out.


The brand of Crown & Quality is to remain authentic no matter your growth, exposure or experience and I have noticed that authenticity is a big part of your brand as well.  but as we all know it can be difficult. How do you remain true to your self knowing that you can easily get lost in your growth? You have to first know who you are and then constantly remind of yourself of who you are. Remain focused. Love yourself and surround yourself with people that know you. Never forget where you came from and the road you had to take to get to where you are and always remain humble.


Where can one purchase a NYAG T-shirt??!!! I’ve been getting this question a lot; I didn’t think they would be in such high demand lol. Originally I only purchased shirts for the people I interviewed but because of the demand for them I plan to have some on my site come fall.

FullSizeRender (3)

India Arie recently tweeted you! What does that tell you about how far you have come with your site and hard work? For India to tweet me was definitely very encouraging, it just reminded me that what I’m doing is not in vain and someone out there is paying attention to me. It just reminded me to continue to work hard and keep going.

 How do you get past the nerves of following your dreams? Despite the challenge? You cannot allow fear to get in the way of following your dreams. Having fear is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks that will prevent you from moving forward. There are times when I still get nervous but I realize it has to be done. If you think too much about it you’ll scare yourself out of doing whatever it is you want to do, the best advice I could give is to just go for it.



Are you looking to make NYAG a career? Most definitely! My goal is for N.Y.A.G.Network to be the next big entertainment website. I really want it to be the next big thing. I would also love to branch out and create a mentoring program for kids topromote individuality and following your dreams.

What part of what you do, makes you want to keep doing it? What keeps me going is the way that I inspire others. What I do is a passion of mine and that is why I do it. I enjoy writing, I love all things entertainment and love sitting down with people and hearing their journeys. So to know that I am inspiring people based off of doing something I love is very rewarding and encouraging.

I admire people who put in the work necessary to achieve their dreams even when it seems difficult. Shout out to you, Keyana.



Want more Keyana? Visit: http://www.nyagnetwork.com
follow NYAG on instagram : @ __NYAG and twitter: @___NYAG
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