Photo Diary: @JLKabala #SideHustle

PSA: Side hustles are an essential, college student-money maker. Sometimes working part-time on campus just isn’ t enough! This photo shoot showed me that I could be a model, but also a photographer or even a photo editor/ graphic designer. Look kids. Support your friends. Stop trying to finesse “the free” and invest in those who support you. These pictures turned out great.



No this is not a start of my modeling career. HOWEVER. There is a bigger picture from all of this. Because this was a photo shoot, and technically I was modeling, right? But really I was just helping a friend out. Allowing him to practice his photography and editing on me; walking around for about 2 hours in the heat, makeup practically dripping off of my face; heals missing in nearly half of these photos. But they turned out cute. I’m so proud.

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