This is an honest post.

I’ll be graduating college this December.

Im still trying to swallow that. Whole. I keep telling myself and those around me that I can’t wait but the closer the time gets the more I really start dissecting what I want for my life. I’m not too sure where I want to live and I’ve applied to countless jobs… maybe 100 and I still find myself nowhere and unprepared. I have so much support which is great but I know eventually Im going to have to figure things out on my own.

This summer I plan on taking summer classes, working and working out and maybe a bit of travel. Im looking for internships now and am very hopeful. GOD GOT ME. But in the meantime like who do i think I am? So far all I’ve done is go out to eat for every single occasion and have the audacity to pay for myself. 3 words. I. Am. Broke.

I would love to be one of those girls or bloggers that write about how to save money and live a minimalistic life and be stress free. But I’m just too honest with myself. I’m the one reading and looking up videos about how to be and do those things.

I know I have neglected my blog for the past 2 months and for those of you who have been actively reading…I am so sorry…but your girl got a LIFE. jk. No seriously though. Ive  been very busy and very unmotivated.

I also wonder if I really got out of college what I wanted from it. Like if I were to graduate would I be able to honestly say that I was 100% fulfilled. To answer the question now, not yet. I feel like there are so many different things I wish I could have done but I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Im not giving up kids. Don’t worry. Im just in a transitioning stage. I need to organize my life. that’s all. If you’ve read to this point and feel like this was a super negative post and i’m just gonna fail at life…YOU NEED TO HAVE MORE FAITH IN ME. ❤

I’ll let you know how it all goes.




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