Where are our queens?

Man. This is really hard for me to talk about because I don’t know all of the details. I wish I did, because then maybe the cases would have been solved. Where are our queens?

Disclaimer- I acknowledge all of the young boys and men that are missing and all other people of different races and ethnicities and they as well are in my prayers. 

In 2014, 64,000 black women and girls were said to have been missing. That is a very large number of unsolved cases. I, along with many others are having a hard time understanding why this hasn’t hit the news and even more, why these cases haven’t been solved. There are mothers looking for their children, sisters and brothers looking for their playmates and confidantes. Girls with goals, ambitions and futures taken away in an instant and we don’t even know if they are alive.

There are so many theories about what could have happened to them, or what is happening. So many names but we can only name a few. In DC alone there are 34 girls missing and as of Wednesday (today is Friday), a total of 14 have gone missing. Why isn’t this making people tremble in their seats and biting their nails? Because they don’t know anything about it. Because it doesn’t concern them. Well, If you are a human being in America, it should concern you, because you and your family can be effected by this in some way. The news is just now talking about it. What is going on?

Where are our queens?

I feel really guilty for not speaking on this sooner. I can’t blame any of you for not being aware. What I can do is increase awareness. I blame the media because there are stories that enter their inboxes everyday, many thrown out, the president’s lies trumping most.

Sex Trafficking —

One of the main theories. Girls are being a kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Their lives are threatened and even more if they try to escape. People are trying to capitalize on the lives of young innocent souls. These people are absorbing their innocence and draining their consciousness.

Selling Organs through the Black Market —

This is one theory. People kidnapping young black and Latina girls and selling their organs to people who need them and making a large profit. Since the early 1900s and even before, it was believed that people would take young black men because they were hard to miss. Now think about whats happening today. Young black and Latina girls, double minorities missing, and without a sound.  I can’t sit here and say that no one is trying. It just doesn’t look like they are. Families should be assured that our government and law enforcement are taking this as a serious matter. These people have enough to worry about just for them to feel like there is no hope.

People need to know what’s going on. Im so confused.

I’m really praying for their safety.


  1. It’s disgusting and sad what has been taking place for centuries. I heard about this maybe a week ago, which is too late for something that has been going on for so long. I find myself thinking what more can I do? You can’t even walk outside with worrying about whether something will happen to you.

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