Lash Extension FAQ’s Feat. Lashes by Zajee

I like my lashes to be full on some days, natural on others and long and defined when I go out with my girls. I have always admired the look of long and full lashes and would settle for the strips but mostly, it’s just me and my mascara.

I don’t know much about lashes or even how to apply the packaged ones but I know someone who does & she is amazing at it.


I had the opportunity to speak with Zajee Marves, lash specialist and friend, about the ins and outs of lash extensions! Today I am going to provide some Frequently Asked Questions (or at least questions that I, as a newbie, would have) and give you all a peak at the experience.

How did you get started?

I’ve always had a passion for lashes. I would never go out or anywhere formal without lashes. I’ve always felt they were the icing on the cake or the best part of any look. So, I took interest in doing lashes because I loved them so much but they were always so expensive. I could never afford the extension so most of the time, I wore strips. So, I wanted to provide lash extensions to ladies like myself who couldn’t afford to pay $200 for lashes but, still wanted quality at an affordable price.

Did you go to cosmetology school?

I did go to Cosmetology school but, the program was strictly for eyelash extensions.

What is the process for people who haven’t gotten them done? What advice do you have for aftercare?

 The process is easy. All you do is lay on your back and close your eyes. Literally. My clients fall asleep all of the time and I find it relaxing knowing that they trust me. It’s very important to clean your lashes thoroughly. Diluted baby shampoo (tear free), run it over your dry mascara applicator, brush it over your lashes, rinse with water and you’re done. This should be done everyday, especially when you’ve been wearing makeup. Also, be sure not to wear mascara, or use an oil based makeup remover. Mascara isn’t necessary with the proper application of eyelash extensions. It will leave your lashes clumped together and can ruin your beautiful fluffy lashes. An oil based makeup remover will break down the adhesive bond, which could cause premature shedding. We don’t want that.


What makes you or your application different from others businesses?

I always try my best to provide my clients with the best service possible. I take my time in ensuring that I understand what my client wants and I lash every lash. And if for some reason my client isn’t satisfied, I always offer for them to come back when they can to get them perfect for my client. I check on my clients as well. I send courtesy texts after a week and ask my clients how are they and how are their lashes. If my clients are having any issues, they’ll let me know and I am prompt at fixing the issue. I use quality products and my clients love how long their lashes last.

Can you fix a bad extension job?

 I do my best. Usually if it’s really bad, I’ll just remove the lashes and start completely over with a new set.

Do you apply the individual lashes, party lashes and the strips? Which do you prefer?

I only apply the individual lashes. They’re better for your natural lashes and last much longer.

How much do they cost?

Usually, lashes run anywhere from $100-$300. I only charge $65 for a classic set of lashes and $75 for volume lashes.
How long does it take?

The process takes anywhere from 2-3 hours for me. I am a beginner stylist but, one day I hope to cut my time in half. These things take practice and patience! It’s all worth it when my clients wake up from their beauty rest!
Do they effect your natural lashes?

The awesome thing about eyelash extensions is that they have no harmful effects on you natural lashes when applied properly by a specialist. Lash extensions are applied directly to your natural individual eyelash. Eyelashes shed just like the hair on our head. Lashes usually have a 30-40 day growth cycle. So, when your natural lash grows out and sheds off, so will your eyelash extension. This is why it’s important to get refills.


Do you travel or do people come to you?

 I prefer my clients to come to me. But, I will travel to my clients for an additional traveling fee.
Zajee is passionate about enhancing the confidence in her clients and believes that lashes are the icing on the cake to making a girl feel glamorous. Lashes by Zajee are done here in Houston. She offers a $5 discount to college students when they show their college ID!

for more follow her! : @zajeezavon

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