I Decided. Big Sean-Album Review

First and foremost, I appreciate Big Sean’s work because it is unique and personal.You can tell based off his colorful sound that he wants his listeners to vibe with him, get to know him and turn up with him all at the same time. Some how some way he is able to master this without his albums being “choppy”. Recently though, you can tell that Big Sean has been doing some growing up and has become more self-aware.  You can especially see that in his new album, I Decided. Sean often refers to the past and his thought processes on his life thus far.   Not only is he a large contributor to his own work, he has written several songs for big named artists and has won numerous awards. I believe that Big Sean is underrated, to be quite honest, and his art should be acknowledged for more than what it has been.

In order to fully understand the album, besides directly listening to the words, listen to the album in order. Many albums do this.

In the Intro lies a seemingly older Sean that reflects back on his life and his regrets. This introduces the listener to the next 13 songs showing the growth and maturity that Big Sean has endured.

There are about 4 songs that I was particularly fond of while listening to the album. I definitely believe that the further down you get into the album the better the songs get.

  1. Bounce Back– Bounce Back is my absolute favorite! Its just so tough. It’s that song that you listen to in the car with your friends after y’all just pre-gamed and on your way to a party. Its so chill but the beat is so live.
  2. No favors: feat. Eminem- No favors is- if you just wanna listen to some real hardcore “Eminem still exists and can still kill it in a battle rap” type song. There’s a lot of emotion and animosity in this one. It’s good to see Eminem still doing his thing though.
  3. Moves-Moves is that break from the album. Its one of the more sexually-lyrical songs on his album but even then not too much. The beat is also another one on there that’s just really live.
  4. Owe Me– I feel like a lot of people can relate to this one. He’s calling out a girl in his past.

I don’t want to spoil the songs for anyone who hasn’t listened to them yet but I definitely recommend these 4 songs if you don’t have the time to listen to the entire album.

In comparison to Dark Sky Paradise- 2015 

This album showed me that Big Sean was definitely growing as an artist and becoming more established in his music and finding his flow.

faves: I know, IDFWY, Play no games

In comparison to Hall of Fame- 2013

Hall of Fame wasn’t my favorite album at all but it did have Ashley and Beware. I can honestly say together I have listened to those songs on repeat like 50 times.

faves: Ashley, Beware

In comparison to Finally Famous- 2011 

Finally Famous was Big Sean’s official introduction to the world and one of my favorite albums from him. This is when I first heard him and fell in love with his style. He was young and his style was refreshing. His music style  was popping and I felt like he just wanted to have a lot of fun with it.

faves: My last, A$$, I Do it, Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay

He has also had an amazing collab album with Jhene Aiko, but I can make a separate review for that one.


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