Short Story Time: I was insulted by a fellow Christian!

Disclaimer: This post is not to offend anyone, but to share a story and my thoughts on an experience that I had. 

I walked passed a group of extremist Christians as I often do at the University I attend. It seems like every day they are out there with their picket signs condemning everyone they see in their paths to hell…even the ones who will listen. They wait outside all day by the library with their megaphones telling students that even feminists are going to hell.  When I see them I try my hardest to steer clear of them because I know how I get and it’s better to laugh it off rather than it turn into a religious debate.

I am a non-denominational Christian and I felt completely distant from the people who were before me. Preaching from the same bible that I read.

Walking passed them I heard one man say that this student wasn’t a real muslim because he doesn’t go and bomb people. The same man also told this girl who was wearing a hijab that she was “showing too much face.” and that if she really practiced her religion he wouldn’t see nothing more than an eyelash. I was so shocked to see and hear what these people were saying.

So curiously, I went up to this lady who seemed quiet and began to ask her about their practice, because surely I had been misled. Off the bat she seemed agitated but I asked anyway about the form in which they were “teaching” and their approach.

She proceeded to ask me if I had been saved and things of that sort but I wasn’t concerned with being saved at that moment. My concern was their reach. She started to tell me that their aggressive delivery may be reaching some, even in the background, as I expressed that many were there to mock them. (although many were also as curious as I was) They were very insulting and condemning and I expressed that to her. This is what she proceeded to say: (In no specific order)

Why are your pants so tight? You are encouraging men to look at you and want to have sex with you! You are embracing sin, you love sin! No one put a gun to your head and told you to wear them. you are attracting adultery and lust! 

I tried to tell her that what I was wearing (my work polo and skinny slacks) had nothing to do with a man committing adultery because it is up to him to have respect and control himself. but I digress.

I told her that I was there to be educated and she proceeded to say:

No you’re not! If you want to be educated go read the bible!

Me: So why are you out here? If you aren’t here to educate?? (no answer) Exactly!

But as I walked away she began to yell:

Don’t be a whore! Don’t be a whore with your tight pants! 

Like really? I have never been so blatantly disrespected in my life. Not only because she called me a whore but because she questioned me and my beliefs.  It was like I was looking into a broken mirror. I saw my beliefs but they were being portrayed on the opposite side of the spectrum. I don’t have the right to judge others and this encounter had me briefly question what Christianity was. I was reminded that the bible is interpreted differently.

There are going to be people in this life that are going to test you, your faith and your overall being. I read enough of the bible to know that their is such thing as righteous judgement, which this was not, and to know that my walk with the spirit is much more important than what I wear.



  1. A similar or maybe the same group come to my campus every year. I honestly just ignored them, I choose not to have the energy to engage with them. They are often set in their ways and closed minded about most things. We either speak life or death to someone and it sounds like she chose to speak death to those she encountered.They contribute to the problem unfortunately. Thank goodness we serve a God who loves us just as we are and transforms us from the inside out. Thank you for sharing your story, I can relate to being judged by other Christians.


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