2017: 3 Weeks In


The fact that “new year new me” is still a thing isn’t shocking and although every year I set these goals for myself, I often struggle with the commitment by the first week of the year. I completely understand the difficulty. But at what point am I going to commit to the rules and regulations that I made for myself for the new year?

What I think a lot of people do is they try to quit things cold turkey. Or they will start becoming a completely different person by trying all these new things at once. Really, the simplicity of these resolutions, is allowing yourself to be a human being. If you tend to indulge in Netflix, it won’t be too helpful for your new year’s resolution to be to never watch Netflix again. One, because it’s not realistic in your current situation and two, you’ll most likely be disappointed a couple months down the line.

I think doing things in moderation is key. You can take indulging in tv shows to watching just an hour or two of your favorite show a day or even acknowledging when you have the urge to watch something to do something productive to replace that urge. Cold turkey just doesn’t work for me. I have seen so many evolved changes in me by allowing myself time to get there rather than changing who I am when the clock hits 12.

Am I making an excuse for those who haven’t come through in their new year new me plans? Not necessarily. I am just opening up different avenues for those who need to take a different route. Every one works at their own pace, so even setting realistic goals for yourself is extremely helpful to your new year experience.


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