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Enter the creative mind of Zaria Howell: New York City based photographer, pathfinder, trailblazer and trendsetter at best. With a passion for photography, people, and their inner creative, Zaria was able to talk to me about how she got started with her site and how she wants to inspire others.

First Impressions: 

Frosting: Right off the bat I appreciated that Zaria is using her name for her brand. I say this because your brand is your reputation and it could easily be a pseudonym or she could have created some kind of catchy photographer company name like “Landscape photography” but she didn’t. She already gets cool points from me for that alone. Also, if she ever decided to expand her career, in whatever route, she won’t have to endure much change because her name can remain the same.

Cake: The first thing you see when you click  “enter” onto the site is Zaria in action. “Take me Inside.” It lets the viewers know that what they are about to see are some legit photos that will keep you scrolling for more…and that’s exactly what happened. You get to see the keen eye of an east coast creative that can reach anyone who visits the site. I was so inspired to see how organized and professional yet personality driven it was from someone who isn’t even 18 yet. The quality of each photo taken made me feel like I was in the Bahamas and at the very least made a reader want to go there.

My Faves: 

Mood Board: The vision board of the site is one of my favorites. & here is why: First, the simplicity of the photos is very easy on the eyes. The content drives the aesthetic and nothing extra is needed to gain the attention of the viewer. The diversity allows for people seeking a photoshoot to essentially choose a style but also create one and are assured that whatever they are looking for, Zaria can help them find it.

Blog: When people say you can get to know someone based on their diary, it is so true! Obviously the blog is not in diary format but it definitely gives you a sneak peak inside of her head. Having a blog on the site shows that there is a real person behind the camera. One who is opinionated and unique. (Continue scrolling to see Zaria’s advice to Donald Trump)

Music: Getting put on to good music is the best feeling ever and I am always open to it. This feature is perfect for people who want something more than the typical mainstream music and to me has more of a poetic feel. If you want something a little more lyrical I would check out the playlist.

Ok, so let’s get started…

How have your ideas for your site evolved from when you started 6/7 months ago to now? When I first started it served as a platform for me to showcase my creative abilities and to serve as inspriation for other creatives. Thus, my content from the first couple months of my site was centered around uploading a wide variety of content, so that there was something for everyone (eg. photography for the photographers, art-based content for the art lovers, etc). But now that I’ve shown what I can do as an audience and have created a space on my site for different types of creatives or just people seeking inspiration, I can starting getting more creative and innovative with my content. Now is the time where I get to experiment and challenge myself as an artist, and share that with my audience.  

Does personality really play a big role in photography?


Absolutely! Although, I think emotion and tone play an even larger and more significant role. Photography is about conveying an emotion or mood that resonates with those who are viewing and creates a dialogue about whatever is being depicted in the image. This dialogue cannot occur if there is no feeling or emotion being evoked in the viewer.

In this day in age how important is social confidence? How do you exude it? In this day in age, confidence is so important. Society and mass media are constantly perpetuating images of what they believe people are supposed to be, look like, etc. Images which not only are unobtainable, but sensationalized, makes it essential that everyone be confident in themselves and where they are in life. As long as human beings keep comparing each other, no one will reach true happiness. Although I’m constantly learning everyday to love myself unapologetically, the best way I exude confidence is through my art and what I wear. Fashion and art are great outlets to use to become comfortable in one’s own skin.

You seem to travel a lot. What has been your favorite place to visit so far?


Italy, for sure! Milan, in particular, is a city filled with beauty and good vibes, and I’ll never forget the experiences that I’ve had there. It’s definitely a place for creatives, as everywhere you look there’s something inspiring and breath-taking to look at. If you’re into architecture or fine art, Italy is definitely the place for you. 

You have a very eclectic style in your photography. How much of your creative influence goes into the shoot along with the influence of those you are shooting?


Much of my creative influence goes into a shoot, if not all of it. However, I also keep in mind my environment, the energy the model is exerting, and the tones that I’m trying to convey in the images. However, depending on who I am shooting with, their creative influence also goes into the shoot. There’s nothing better than two creative people bouncing ideas off of one another, and channeling that energy into amazing images.

Zaria also has a blog that drips sass and individuality in which she is unapologetically herself.

You mentioned in your blog that you don’t get into politics but I have to ask, if you could give one bit of advice to Donald Trump what would it be?I would tell him to go with his gut. I like to think that all human beings possess compassion and empathy, and that even Donald Trump, who appears to be the most wretched man on the Earth is capable of such feelings. Therefore, I’d tell him to go with his gut, which is most likely telling him to do the human thing to do: be compassionate and empathetic towards the people of America. Once he stops suppressing these inevitable emotions then I, and the rest of the country, can have more faith in him as president.

With a site that is growing everyday I see big things happening for Zaria in the future.

Want more of Zaria? Visit:

follow her on ig: @zariuhh

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*All photos were taken from Zaria’s site or Instagram

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