My sister and I agreed that yesterday, December 28, we were going to have a day. A day to explore downtown Houston, find a new place to eat and simply enjoy the city. The simple things is what’s worth taking a pause for.

We went shopping for a few hours and I got some much needed dress clothes. Afterwards we took a trip downtown. (well not much of a trip rather a 20 minute drive.) We went without any specific goal or set destination, but to find and be found.

I thought going downtown would be the perfect way to gain some photo inspiration for Crown & Quality but I got that and more. There’s something about thinking outside the box and doing things you don’t normally do that will teach you things. About yourself, about others and about the world around you.

I was thinking about how fast pace the city is and all of the colors and the busy people that all have their destinations and their plans. But I went for a different reason, I had no set plan, but perhaps that was a plan in itself.

I used every piece of scenery, every bit of color as a photo opportunity. I went with an open mind and therefore got inspired by the largest and smallest of things. From a place I used to visit everyday I have never seen or learned so much.

I took candids, in front of the sunlight and against it. Many people believe that you won’t experience the moment trying to capture it and its true in some cases, but I appreciate those who choose to share their experiences with us.

We found Azuma. Which I had never been to, let alone seen until yesterday. It was happy hour so we had their sushi and wings with a mimosa, which was more like champagne with a splash of orange juice but nevertheless tasty. The restaurant was somewhat reclusive yet a friendly and relaxed environment.

I encourage anyone who is looking for that splash of inspiration to leave, go somewhere and find it. Staying at home or in that same routine is  going to enable you from finding that spark you’re searching for.


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