A rose must follow

The combination of a lyrical and musical muse you are poetry and white sound bouncing off the walls creating a safe haven.

That room that is created no matter where I am. In that dark forest where the trees hold secrets and it’s fall and my long black dress treads the leaves I feel safe when your song plays. My arms spread out as if embracing nature with a great hug only to wrap them around myself to love myself. That safe place.

Of finding who I am through that song. Feeling lost and having that craving to find who I am through lyrics. Afraid of leaving behind what I know when they may be the only source to truly discover who I am supposed to be. The melodies of that song and the flow of those lyrics haunt me. Trying to lure me back from the escape from my happy place. Trying my hardest not to remain complacent and to leave it all behind but, maybe that’s just it. Searching for that rose in the midst of the forest may be my answer. The smell and the color, deep crimson, may allow me to escape from that song and that melody. The one that plays like a record. Constant like stars after you bump your head.


You are my escape, but I often wonder if I’m talking about you, or me.


-Quia Tian

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