Go Places. Meet People. Learn Things.

A shower does wonders. Its where I do some of my best thinking.

Last night before I went to take a shower I was watching a youtube video where this girl was reflecting on her life to her viewers; almost like a diary. She was talking about how unmotivated she felt and although from the outside it looked like she had everything a girl could ask for, she still struggled with wanting more out of life.

I was thinking about that, in the shower ironically, but it allowed for a lightbulb moment. I was feeling the same way as her. I have been living on campus and with no car I often feel stuck and helpless. I am pretty good at working through the circumstances that I’m dealt  but it caused me to think….Why don’t I flip my situation into an advantage?

Go Places. Meet People. Learn Things.

When if I decided to purchase a camera, and document all the places that I have seen the people that I have met and things I have learned… all on foot?

Why not?

I shouldn’t let my circumstances get in the way of how I lead my life.  So I decided that I would use this as a way to document what can be done without those 4 wheels. through train, uber, walking , flying etc. I can get as much out of life as anyone else.

Attending festivals, going to museums and parks and the best bistros, all can be done if I have the motivation to get there. Just when I thought that I had to wait to graduate or for a ride or even until I got my car, I realized that those were just excuses. The worst way to live your life is by waiting for a specific time to be happy. Although easier said than done, if you haven’t tried it, you will never know. I had to ask myself, if I had no phone, laptop, virtual connection to the world would I still be happy?

So for the next few months I plan on documenting the places that I visit and the people that I see and things that I have learned along the way.


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