Help! I’m Adulting!

Seriously. Is anyone else going through the struggle of transitioning to adulthood? I know I am not the only one, otherwise the word wouldn’t exist. 

I feel like I am being suffocated. Like I’m walking into Neiman Marcus and instead of everyone handing me perfume samples they’re handing me bills, assignments on assignments, and other deadlines and responsibilities. I understand that at 21 years old I should have gained a since of responsibility for these things but I guess I’m at the latter because I haven’t gotten the memo.

“Bills are like that annoying itch that won’t go away. Once you pay, you’re relieved and if you don’t, they will keep coming until you do. But when if you have 5 books in your hand, your purse, some chick-fil-a and that annoying itch. There’s no way you can tend to that and everything else. “- Old me.

Thinking those words above made me realize that it’s time for me to put my big girl pants on and prioritize. Not everyone is going to be there for me when I fall so I have to be able to find some foundation in myself to get up on my own.

One thing I decided to do, which will never do you wrong, is to write in a journal/ planner. I can be slightly forgetful so if you’re like me a planner is your best bet.

I wanna give a brief shout out to my girl Kate for saving me.

I have this Kate Spade planner in size Medium. I am able to save dates, take notes and reminders, and there’s even a pocket just in case I have any loose sheets of paper. This planner is a lifesaver.

Shout out to you girl.

But even with this planner that keeps me on track with most things, it still doesn’t help me mentally with the struggles of adulting. Like I mentioned earlier, I really feel like I’m behind.

Y’all ever heard that phrase “A fool is someone who does the same thing and expects different results?” I simply can’t be that fool. So Im going to write a few notes for this week, and I think writing them here will keep me a little more accountable:

  1. SAVE YOUR MONEY. (No really save your money.) Put away a set amount that becomes “untouchable”
  2. BUDGET. Food should never go before Tithe, especially if you already have food at the house.
  3. Do one of those How to Stay Organized DIY’s that you saw the other day.
  4. What you put in to your body will come out of you mentally and physically. Put positivity in you this week -shows, music, people with good energy-and you shall feel that in return.

I think that’s good for now.

Y’all send me good vibes this week. Please.


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