Woke up feeling Beautiful, Blessed, Prepared and Hydrated.


The best mornings are when you are able to wake up and your first thought is “I am ready to seize the day.” or “Thank you God, for allowing me to see another day.”

I’ve been going through some minor obstacles in my life and have been trying to search for every coping mechanism there is. From teas, to talking it out with loved ones, even keeping busy to distract myself. Nothing seemed to be working and the more busy I made myself, the more stressed out I would get.  (Nothing is wrong with keeping busy btw. I would literally flood my day with things to do)

This morning however, I woke up feeling refreshed. And It was all because of the small steps I took the night before.

  1. When I got home from class I got a lot of homework out of the way. I get in this mode and I want to knock out as much as I can at once. Note: When I do this, I don’t rush just to get it done. I make sure I take my time so that the work that I produce is good and that Im not racing through it. When you get things done ahead of time, You will truly appreciate your future self whenever the assignment is actually do. This is also true for other things in my life. (bills, studying, hair, etc.)
  2. Another thing I did last night was twist my hair. As some of you may know, Im natural, and tending to natural hair every day can be very tedious. It took me 2 hours to do my hair! My fingers and my feet were hurting but I knew that my morning self would appreciate it. I had to keep going. ( I was feeling REALLY motivated last night)
  3. I finished my hair at nearly midnight. But I could not go to sleep without reading the word. I got out my daily devotion and read the word for that day. Im trying to improve my relationship with God, so no matter what I do, I have to make sure that I never leave him out.
  4. Drinking water is a given. Its important to stay hydrated. Consuming water on a regular basis gives me clearer skin, healthier hair and nails and a clearer mind.

After doing all these things that night before, It allowed me to be ready for my day today. I was able to get work done which meant that I could focus on other tasks, I was able to get a few extra minutes to relax because my hair was already done and also (I didn’t mention this but I took my shower at night.) So when I got up I was able to just focus on myself. What I really wanted to wear, think about the things I needed to do for the day, and even check my social media to see what others had going on.

Mood: feeling like gravy.

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