Waving to Fall

I am trying to be more in tuned with the environment. with nature. Being so busy with school and work and other activities, in a world that I wake up and see every day, I never get to acknowledge it for what it really is. There was a time when I sat back and took everything in. It’s been a minute.

I know so many people that have that natural connection with mother nature. You know, those people who feed off of energy and are very in touch with their spirits. That search for balance and go on fasts to find that inner peace.

I wanted to experience a piece of that again. And what better way then to wave to fall.

Today, I took a few pictures doing just that.

I appreciate the seasons. It is nature’s way of telling me that a new chapter in my life is ahead. Not to mention how beautiful the colors of the leaves change in the fall and how the flowers thrive in spring and summer. The blow of the wind sways tree branches a little different, and to those of you who get to experience the kiss of snow in the winter…How lucky you are.

It was about 78 degrees today, so perfect if one wanted to walk around and take pictures.


When I was younger, I used to stare at the clouds and imagine myself playing in them.

I used to pretend that clouds were a mixture of cotton candy and pillows.

I used to dream that I was falling and the clouds were my trampoline; just to find myself falling through the fog anyway.

I had those random moments on the playground when I was no longer playing with the other kids. I was so focused on the world around me. Instead, I would look at the children playing; observe how they interacted with one another. I would look at the sun and wonder why it would come and go throughout the day, shine on some more than it  did on others. I wondered why the sun wasn’t out sometimes and I would still struggle to see.



I never thought that flowers had a smell. They are so beautiful and so when people used to put them under my nose I was always disappointed at the outcome.

I took the time out to really say “Hi” to Fall. Appreciate the animals that I won’t see in the winter, and bask in the sun with that breeze that I missed during the summer.

I stopped “to smell the roses” per se.


Although these fallen leaves aren’t the mix of the traditional colors of Fall. They are here. They are the details to a 100-year-old story.

I chose today to Wave to Fall.

I plan on going on a 30 day fast in the near, near future that I will document at least every week.

Stay tuned.


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