When Life Gives You Glitter

Behind the scenes

Yesterday was my first ever, Pink Dust photoshoot.

I have been trying to take professional pictures for a while now because I was bored with the tired selfies and snapchat filters that we all know and use every day.

My friends and I chose white and jean for our theme, and our location?

The Sugar and Cloth wall here in Houston.

The wall contains several colors so we were each able to take individual and personable shots.

shirt: TopShop, jeans: Cotton On, shoes: Charlotte Russe

My photographer and friend, Jonothan, deemed this photo his favorite shot from the photoshoot. This is in my top favorites for sure. I wanted to go for a very simple look because I knew that there was going to be a lot of color. We were given this balloon from a group of people that were there before us which made the perfect aesthetic.

dsc_1081This headshot was a bit of an off guard. I was preparing to smile and Jon took this snap in the midst of that. But something about this picture draws me to it a little more than the others. My hair wasn’t perfect, my eyebrows weren’t neat. I wasn’t even ready for the photo but that just reminds me about how life could be. Not everything you do in your life is going to turn out perfect, but you still have to embrace those imperfections.

dsc_1030This is my girl Bri. Fun-loving, outgoing and unapologetically herself. She used a jean choker for her contribution to the theme and nailed it. The bright yellow she used fits her personality because she is like a ray of sunshine. There to brighten anyone’s day.

shirt: Forever 21, pants: Hollister, shoes: PacSun

Jamal. friendly, chill, one of a kind. Any of the colors on the sugar wall would fit him. Also his outfit, though simple, was perfect for the shoot. Jamal has a natural “photo-esque” about him and the camera loves it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were given a balloon by a group of people that were there before us. We found the bag of glitter and had only one shot to capture the perfect photo.

So when life gives you glitter…you make MAGIC.

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